Aspen Heights Construction on Fast Track

STILLWATER, Okla. – Keystone Engineering and Surveying continues to work closely with Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc., to complete Aspen Heights, a student-housing community under construction in northeast Stillwater. Aspen Heights will include 171 cottages and houses ranging in size from two to five bedrooms, as well as a central clubhouse and pool. Construction will be completed and the neighborhood ready for occupancy before the 2013-2014 school year.

Involved with the project since the beginning, Keystone is responsible for engineering, surveying, and construction management. “We designed the foundation of the project, and we are now reviewing construction processes and materials to ensure that they meet design specifications and building codes,” said Kelly Harris, P.E., president of Keystone and lead engineer on the project.

Keystone designed the layout of structures, roadways, pedestrian thoroughfares, grading, underground utilities, water, sanitary sewer, and storm water detention facilities. In the ongoing construction management phase, Keystone has been responsible for construction staking, responding to information requests, and reviewing all project submittals.

One of the remarkable aspects of the project is its quick turnaround. All aspects of Aspen Heights, from engineering to construction and closeout, will be completed in 14 months. Collaboration and cooperation have kept the project on track. “One of the most impressive aspects of this project is the ease of communication between us, Emery Sapp, and Aspen Heights,” said Steven Hollabaugh, a Keystone engineer working on the project. “The openness of all the stakeholders is one of the main factors allowing us to complete the project on time.”

Aspen Heights is located on a 40-acre tract of land at 2210 N. Perkins in Stillwater.

Aspen Heights in progress March 2013Aspen Heights in progress March 2013